Deck and Coping Pool Options

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When designing any outdoor pool area, the finishing touches are what bring it all together.

Types of pool decking can be vast. There are many vital considerations beyond just how great it may look. Will the surface be too slippery, too hot or prone to crack? These answers are just a few our experienced design team are ready to answer for you and direct you through this vital stage of design.

Coping is the material that adheres to the top of the pool wall and visually ties the pool to the decking materials.

Our large selections of colors and styles will pull your area together.

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What about my pavers sinking?

Your paver deck is only as good as its foundation. There are 3 options when you build a pool deck:

Hydro Jetting / Dirt Compaction

Dirt is water-jetted around the pool and then compacted

Advantages: Cost Effective

Disadvantages: Over time you may have pavers sink due to watershed

Concrete Road Base / Base Rock

Best Option

Dirt is water-jetted and compacted around the pool. Then 3 to 4 inches of gravel is layered on top of the compacted dirt.

Advantages: Superior drainage, handles settling more effectively than dirt only

Disadvantages: Slightly more expensive than normal compaction and water-jetting

Concrete Sub Deck

A concrete slab is poured and pavers are set over the slab.

Advantages: Pavers will not settle

Disadvantages: Drainage, mildew and algae. When it rains there is nowhere for the water to go, and it becomes trapped in the cracks of the pavers. This will cause mildew and mold.
Expensive – Will cost as much as the decking itself to lay down.


We look forward to helping you create your own unique water world!

Types of Pavers

Brick Paver

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are primarily made of a mixture of the raw material: clay and shale. These materials are set into molds and fired at up to two thousand degrees at the manufacturer’s plant. This process makes them ideal for heavy traffic and pool deck applications.

This means brick paver colors have a deepness and warmness about them because they contain the natural color of the clay and shale materials this means they will retain their color for a long time. Brick color offerings are many and varied, from light to moderate to darker tones. There are many sizes to you to choose from and different sizes are sometimes combined to form patterns.

Natural Stone Paver

Natural Stone Pavers

Stone pavers, like the name suggests are made from natural stone. They are made from a variety of minerals that have been formed over thousands of years. Stone pavers are considered by many to be the “premium products” because of their look and feel. Stone pavers have a higher acquisition cost since they have to be dug out of the earth at stone quarries and thus will be higher priced than brick and concrete pavers. These pavers are also typically cooler on your feet.

Pool Coping Paver

Alternative Pavers

There are a number of other products out on the market made from a combination of natural and composite materials. There are too many to list but one that we currently use and recommend combines actual sea shells in the paver to not only give you a natural look but also give you the cooling properties of the natural stone pavers


We look forward to helping you create your own unique water world!

Customer’s Feedback

We talked to 5 different pool companies before deciding to use Contemporary Pools. We are extremely pleased with our decision based on the final results. They were very diligent in explaining the process and timing as this was a new venture for us. They came through on everything they discussed with us including the finish date. We were vey impressed with the overall construction and finished product. The individuals who did the actual work were extremely knowledgeable about building pools, and those that oversaw the project were extremely responsive and accountable. We have referred Contemporary Pools to 2 other individuals who have signed the up to build their pools. Obviously, we highly recommend Contemporary Pools and would use them again without hesitation!!

Maggie Carroll

Thomas and the staff at Contemporary Pools were great to work with! From the initial planning process to the finish of the project, they did what they said they were going to do, and in the time frame they said they were going to do it. Thomas was absolutely wonderful in working with us from a distance of hundreds of miles to see to it that all our questions and concerns were addressed in a timely manner. He made what seemed a daunting project, very easy to accomplish. When we did arrive to see our pool, we were so pleased with the quality of workmanship. Our pool is absolutely beautiful – we love it! Overall, working with Contemporary Pools was a great experience. We’re so glad we choose them, and highly recommend them!

Frances Ivey

We love our pool. Danny and Scott were so helpful and made the whole process “stress free”. Contemporary did a great job, finished on time, and the crews were outstanding and professional. We would definitely recommend this company to our friends and family.

Roland Shaw

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