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Water Features

One of the best ways to personalize your pool and give it a distinctive look is the use of water features. There are many options that you can use on your pool. We are going to highlight just a few of the options that are commonly used.


Bubbler/Lighted Bubbler

Colored LED pool lights are almost becoming a must on all new pools. The colored LED light can perform light shows (i.e. on July 4th rotate between red, white, and blue) or just randomly rotate colors. Now you can incorporate your bubbler into your light shows.

Water Bowls


Water bowls, like scuppers, allow water to flow into the pool. They are great for placing on top of pedestals and can give the pool more of an architectural design feel. They are fairly new on the market and there are a number of different options. These can also be combined with a fire feature to produce a fire/water bowl. Please see our fire features section for more on this.



Scuppers are similar to sheer descents in their use and applications. They are simply a wall mounted water feature that allows water to pour through them, and give a classic, old world feel. They are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes.


A spitter shoots a narrow stream of water through a sculptured design; for example a lion’s head or medallion mounted on a wall.

More Spitters

They can also be mounted in statues to create a fountain-like atmosphere.

Rock Water


If you are looking for that natural lagoon feel, you can’t beat a rock waterfall in your pool.

Sizes and designs are varied for the homeowner’s needs.

Sheer Descents/Linear Waterfall

Sheer Descents

These water features produce a clear arc of water, projecting away from the pool wall.

Linear Waterfall

They vary in length from 8 inches to 8 feet.

Sheer Descents/Linear Waterfall

There are a number of different water effects that they can produce from a glass-like sheet of water to a rushing waterfall.

Deck Jets

Deck jets are a low cost way to add a water feature to your pool, as they create shimmering arcs of water from your deck to your pool or spa area. The jets can be installed in almost any combination and the arcs and effects can be changed to suit the homeowner’s taste.

Laminar Deck Jets

A laminar deck jet is essentially an oversized deck jet that creates a totally clear, uniform arc of moving water that is placed in your pool deck. What makes it amazing is when you turn them on at night. It shoots a beam of light through the tube of water. It has the effect of looking like a laser shooting into your pool. These jets can be synced to your bubblers and color LED pool lights to produce light shows.