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Waterline Tile

One of the most important design elements that go into the look and feel of the pool is your selection of tile. This is the tile that is installed just below the coping at the water level of the pool. This is known as waterline tile.

Contemporary Pools boasts a large selection of tile to choose from when you are building your pool. This is just a general overview of what you can choose from.

Traditional 6×6

These tiles come in solid, mixed, and patterned variations. These are the most common waterline tile that we use. They are relatively low maintenance since they have minimal grout lines.


These are a good option if you want to highlight a specialty grout color.

Hybrid Mosaics

These tiles have a mix of shapes and sizes and add a very distinctive look.

Glass Tile

These tile are a relatively new trend in pools. They add a very high end look, especially to pools receiving a 360 degree spa. They have special maintenance requirements. You must use a soft bristled brush when cleaning and the glass blocks are susceptible to clouding if the chemicals in the pool are managed improperly.

Other Tile


These tiles are place periodically throughout the waterline tile.

Mosaic Tiles

These are laser cut tiles put together to form an image. This is a great way to personalize your pool. Options range from fish, turtles, scroll work, and custom mosaics with your family’s name or favorite sports team.