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There are a lot of different options for interior finishes. The finish you choose will have a dramatic impact of the look, feel, and maintenance of your pool. Originally the standard finish that would be used was plain white plaster. Fast forward to today, and there are virtually limitless options. So what are the different options out there and which one is right for you?

Pool Plaster

What is pool plaster? Basically pool plaster is a combination of white cement, marble aggregate, and water. Recent trends in pool building have taken this classic interior finish to the next level by adding pigment and different aggregate effects.

Effects of Aggregates on Pool Plaster

Plaster pools with aggregate effects are the next generation of pool plastering. Aggregates are just combinations of different materials that come together to form an overall look. The most typical aggregates used are small pieces of quartz, granite, river stones or glass beads. Aggregates combined with the ability to tint the plaster now allow the homeowner to control the look and feel of their interior finish. The most popular of these finishes is what is known as a pebble finish. The main reason for this is the fact that they combine a superior look with relatively low maintenance of this product. Additionally, the pebbles in the plaster give you a nice textured finish which prevents slipping.

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What We Offer

Our Standard Interiors

We recommend and include in our price a pebble product in two different colors. It gives a nice light tropical feel to your pool. It is a very durable and offers a consistent finish.

Our Upgraded Interiors

If you are looking to upgrade your finish we offer a wide variety of products from Florida Stucco, SGM, and Pebble Tec. These are just a few of the many examples that we can offer.


We look forward to helping you create your own unique water world!

Customer’s Feedback

We talked to 5 different pool companies before deciding to use Contemporary Pools. We are extremely pleased with our decision based on the final results. They were very diligent in explaining the process and timing as this was a new venture for us. They came through on everything they discussed with us including the finish date. We were vey impressed with the overall construction and finished product. The individuals who did the actual work were extremely knowledgeable about building pools, and those that oversaw the project were extremely responsive and accountable. We have referred Contemporary Pools to 2 other individuals who have signed the up to build their pools. Obviously, we highly recommend Contemporary Pools and would use them again without hesitation!!

Maggie Carroll

Thomas and the staff at Contemporary Pools were great to work with! From the initial planning process to the finish of the project, they did what they said they were going to do, and in the time frame they said they were going to do it. Thomas was absolutely wonderful in working with us from a distance of hundreds of miles to see to it that all our questions and concerns were addressed in a timely manner. He made what seemed a daunting project, very easy to accomplish. When we did arrive to see our pool, we were so pleased with the quality of workmanship. Our pool is absolutely beautiful – we love it! Overall, working with Contemporary Pools was a great experience. We’re so glad we choose them, and highly recommend them!

Frances Ivey

We love our pool. Danny and Scott were so helpful and made the whole process “stress free”. Contemporary did a great job, finished on time, and the crews were outstanding and professional. We would definitely recommend this company to our friends and family.

Roland Shaw

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