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Pool Services offered by Contemporary Pools

in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral and Fort Myers, FL

Your pool can last a lifetime and beyond. Our service department offers you all you need to keep your investment perfect for years to come. We offer a variety of service and maintenance packages that will suit any of the busiest of lifestyles. Our repair specialists are at hand to respond to your emergent needs. We offer a complete premier equipment upgrade and replacement center.

Our team is professionally staffed with experienced pool technicians that can handle the smallest to largest of needs.

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Pool Lighting

Because We Stand Out

One service that we offer that sets us apart from our competition is our picture service. Every week when we are on the site we will take a picture of the pool and text / email it to you. This helps our client that are not here full time or may have had a bad experience with another company have peace of mind.

Price -included with any package.

Geometric Pools

For Green or Dirty Pools

This is a service we provide to fix green or dirty pools that have not been take care of properly. We have to add special chemicals and come back multiple times during the week to vacuum and clean the filter.

Pricing is custom to each project

Free Form Pool

For those with Algae Bloom

60% of pool owners will experience and algae bloom from phosphate in a given a year. Even with perfect chemistry sometimes
with the amount of rain South West Florida receives it is inevitable. We recommend to all of our clients that they receive a phosphate treatment once every 6 months. Our technicians introduce a chemical into the pool that suspends the phosphates in a solid form which make the pool cloudy. This allows your filter to “catch the phosphates”. The technician comes by multiple times throughout a week and half and cleans your filter removing the phosphates from your pool system.

Price $75.00

Fire and Water Features

When You Need Heavy Duty

Sometimes chemicals alone are not enough to bring a pool back to its original glory. For pools with light staining in its interior finish this is a great option. We will drain the pool and acid wash the interior taking off the top layer of plaster.

Price – Custom Based on Size

Pool Features

Our design options start with the custom pool options, geometric, free form, endless or vanishing edge, raised spas and numerous Decorative Water features to make you design unique to your home.